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Based in Brooklyn, NY, Kristin Plater (Play-ter) is a singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar player whose stunning voice has garnered comparisons to Pink, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, and Patti Griffin. Kristin was a finalist for the coveted Lilith Fair showcase in Detroit, the first place winner of the Michigan State University talent contest, and a finalist in the Pantene Pro-Voice contest. From her album 24, Wonder Woman quickly made its way to the top of playlists on college radio stations across the nation. She is a rising YouTube sensation thanks to her song, Why Not, which inspires people worldwide to have fun all the time. She has performed at colleges, bars, and coffeehouses all over the United States as well as in Europe and Australia and has had the honor of singing the national anthem for the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena and for the Detroit Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Recently, Kristin was named as a runner up in Gibson's The Way I Am competition judged by Ingrid Michaelson. Kristin writes acoustic pop with gripping songs about having fun, being in love, and finding a place in this world. Her rousing live performances charm her audience into rapt attention from first to last note. A strong stage presence and commanding voice quickly elevate her above not only the pandemonium of a packed house, but also the deluge of other singer songwriters. She is a treasure trove of sounds, stories and humor, a musical explorer guiding her storytelling with an innate sense of wonder and purpose. For more on Kristin, visit her YouTube page.

this is the sticker that is on my guitar

Seen at...

Performed at:
* Caffe Vivaldi (NYC)
* Rockwood Music Hall (NYC)
* The International Bar (Dublin)
* The Hard Rock Cafe (Dublin)
* The Bitter End(NYC)
* Hardware Cafe(MA)
* House of Blues(MA)
* Rose Street House of Music (Berkeley, CA)
* Toad (Cambridge, MA)
* Fire and Water (Northampton, MA)
* Cafe Fantastique (Worcester, MA)
* Common Ground Coffee House (East Lansing, MI)
* 7th House (Pontiac, MI)
* Joe Louis Arena (Detroit, MI)
* CB's Gallery (NYC)
* Kendall Cafe (Cambridge, MA)
* Juna's (Ithaca, NY)
* Green Street Grill (Cambridge, MA)
* St. Andrew’s Hall (Detroit, MI)
* Middle East Corner (Cambridge, MA)
* Café Latte (E. Lansing, MI)
* Café V (E. Lansing, MI)
* Kirkland Café (Somerville, MA)
* Cambridge Brewing Company (Cambridge, MA)
* Java Hut (Worcester, MA)
* Cobo Hall (Detroit, MI)
* Daily Market (Block Island, RI)
* Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA)

Featured in:
* Lansing State Journal (MI)
* The State Journal (Michigan State University)
* Etch Magazine (MI)
* Live From Studio A (
* (MA)
* The Block Island Times (Block Island, RI)
* The Northeast Performer Magazine
* The Noise Magazine
* The Lynn City Times (MA)
* The Troy Times (MI)